Happi Julia

I want to be a writer one day! I will use this website to display my experiments with various styles of writing. I promise to share a voice that is confident and vulnerable. I will publicly display my writing to 1. hold myself accountable to pursing new ideas, 2. track growth, 3. create a physical art product that reflects who I am, and 4. live more boldly. Writing is a form of therapy for me, therefore, in addition to some beautiful words there will be some poor quality journal ramblings shared here as well.


Personally: I love traveling and learning languages. My native language is English and my most prideful life accomplishment so far is learning to speak Spanish fairly well. I barely speak Arabic, am currently working to improve that, and think I will try Italian next. My strongest of the five senses is smell. I feel very connected to the energies around me, whether they are within nature or within individuals. I have the greatest friends in the world. I love writing and linguistics, am obsessive with many different types of music, and feel I have a lot of untapped artistic potential. I love to dance and will dance in most any place. I love to exercise and require a lot of sunshine and water. Leadership comes fairly naturally as the oldest of three sisters. I am service oriented, a dedicated life-long learner, and number one self critic. I am a talented teacher and able to make quick friends. I am a bit judgmental and often put my foot in my mouth. I am also hilarious.

Professionally: My personal and professional very much overlap, I couldn’t really imagine it being any other way. I hope to one day make a career that is a combination of my passions for storytelling, languages, traveling, human connection, music, and fighting for this nutty utopian idea of a just human world. Currently, I work in the immigration space at a nonprofit in Washington D.C. I work to empower those directly impacted by immigration to publicly share their stories in order to drive policy change and impact the national narrative on immigration. I also work privately as a Spanish tutor. I hope to one day work on migration at the global level. I will always serve as an advocate for why immigrants are powerful community members and should be valued as such. I will remain dedicated to sharing my personal experience on how cultural diversity and cross-cultural engagement in an environment leads to mutual understanding amongst humanity.

Historically: I grew up in Alexandria, Virginia my entire life just as my parents did before me. I was a chubby kid. Weirdly into Harry Potter. I have been the same height since the fifth grade and some boys in sixth grade used to call me Andre the Giant. In elementary school I had several important teachers that made me believe I was a talented writer. I have always gotten good grades, my parents were fairly strict and it had a positive effect on me. I started wanting to “change the world”, “make a difference”, and all that jazz when I went to Uganda by myself at age 16.

Spiritually: I really do believe in and feel the connectedness of the universe. I think that the universe looks out for me often. I believe that God is inside of me and that I can one day achieve enlightenment. I believe in jinxing, often make wishes at 11:11, and at fountains. I try to actively work on developing my sense of spirituality but the fuckedupness of the world keeps distracting me. I grew up Catholic but that doesn’t exactly mean anything to me personally. Organized religion more often scares me than not but as I get older I am learning to be more respectful. I believe that I will one day find more answers to spiritual questions through examining other faiths. I only predict life will continue to become more difficult, lonely, and unprincipled from here and hope that spirituality can help me out with that.

A ningún hombre consiento / que dicte mi sentencia

~Madre mía, Rosalía

Snaps and claps if you, too, love yourself to the moon and back and love living this life. My ladies: let’s really live this way, without limits or fear, let’s be free forever.

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